Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuesday May 26

Hot day in the city.Yup, you guessed it my air is still not fixed.My friend Mark had a rough day at work and never got around to the parts department to pick up the blower fan.He is helping me out so there is no call to get upset.It rained or was cloudy most of the day so even though it was hot, it could have been much worse.Not a big day at all.Went to blockbuster and then to Publix for some food.Hung out with Gary for about an hour.Then last night I went over my brother Scott's house to sleep in the AC.Man was that nice !! They have an extra bedroom but I was just fine on the couch with a fan above me and the cold air flowing.Got up at 6:30 and came home to feed the cats,take my meds, and write this post.Look at that after all this time trying I am finally writing about the previous days events.Isn't life strange sometimes? You try and try to do something, then when you stop trying it happens.That is whet was always told to single people about finding their other half.Don't look and it will happen!! Well short and sweet today.A new feature that I am going to release today is a scale from 1 -10 to measure how the day was.A one is a very,very,very, bad day and a 10 I'm on top of the world.Tuesday May 26,2009 I am a 6.This is not bad for no AC and not having a very productive day.Well I will see you later!

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