Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another Not So Great Day

Hello again to those of you that I did not scare away with my brutal honesty about myself yesterday.I am writing this journal for many reasons.One of them is that after I am dead and gone, these words will live on. The spinal disease (Shuermanns) that I have will shorten my life.So I have not invented anything and there will be no monument with my name on it, just these words that I type day after day.So if some of the things I write are personal and maybe even embarrassing to me it is alright.Just like life some days my stories will be fun and exciting. Others story's will be sad and depressing, such is life.I understand completely if you choose not to read the sad days or any days because life is to short to read about unhappy stuff.

OK, that all being said today I slept til about 2pm. I did not go to bed until around 5 am so sleep was needed.I watched a crappy horror movie called The Grudge 3.Man was it bad, but I kept watching thinking something was going to happen.Unfortunately it never did and I wasted 90 minutes of my life.I love horror movies. I watch them late at night with all the lights off and the volume on my surround sound way up.I will miss my 65" high definition TV the most when I become a full timer.I only watch 3 shows religiously House, American Idol & 24.I am kinda bummed House already ended for the season.The show 24 Has a 2 hour finale on Monday night.American Idol has its final episodes Tuesday and Wednesday nights The rest of the time I will watch a movie or of course sports.

Now my main focus of sports is in the NBA playoffs. I predicted the Denver Nuggets vs The Cleveland Cavaliers in the finals at the beginning of the year and now they are both in their respective finals. Cleveland is waiting in the eastern division for the winner of the Boston Celtics vs The Orlando Magic.The Nuggets are waiting in the western division for the winner of the Los Angeles Lakers vs The Houston Rockets.Both the Celtics vs Magic and the Lakers vs Rockets last game, Game 7 will be played on Sunday.The pressure is on all those teams as the Nuggets and the Cavs just relax.

As mentioned the other day I am also paying attention to the MLB season.My Yankees are an embarrassment. The Marlins are just good enough to hang in there for most of the season.I do not start watching baseball closely til after the All-Star Game in July. Then the games mean alot, the baseball season is so long a loss here or there is OK. The season is 162 games for those of you that do no follow baseball. Compared to 82 games in basketball and only 16 in pro football.

For me football is a 365 day a year 24 hours a day 7 day a week sport. I follow every trade, loss or pickup the Dolphins make. Well really any team makes but I take the Dolphin moves more personal.The Dolphins have not won a title since the 1973 season so the Superbowl they won last was in 1974. I was 3 so I have never gotten to enjoy them winning the big one.Of all the things on my bucket list that I want to experience.It is one thing that I have no control over. I could die happy if I could honestly yell out We ARE#1.But like I said I have no control over it.We do have a great front office for the team, finally after many bad years.A man named Bill Parcell's is our vice president of foot ball operations. He has built winners where ever he has been. So, It is a good time to be a DolFan. Two years ago we went 1win 1and 15 losses. Then last year we turned it all the way around to 11 wins and 5 losses. We won our division and made the playoffs.

Well I love sports as you cam see by my enthusiasm writing about them.I like almost all of them and it is hard for me to comprehend people that are not interested but to each their own.I really do not know what my life would be without sports and do not want to think about it.Boxing is also a favorite of mine and on Saturday the 30th of May, it will be live here in south Florida.I am waiting to fund out from a couple of friends if we will go to the matches.I hope so, I have never been to the matches live. I was suppose to go a couple years ago in Las Vegas but Hibbie and I forgot about the time difference and planned to go to the fights at 8 pm.Only they started 8pm eastern time and the fights were over when we got there.Just my luck!

Well I guess sports helped me through another post. Til tomorrow....

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  1. You poor, poor man! The REAL teams are: the Cleveland Browns, The Cleveland Indians, and even though I despise basketball...The Cleveland Cavs...