Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Something Strange I had a Good Day!

Well, hello and welcome back to my little journal. I am writing this at 8:30 pm and not complaining because I had a very good day.Not to sound like I am complaining but most days are the same boring routine for me lately. But hey lat me do my little happy dance while I can.For starters I woke up at 7am. Not because I had to or couldn't sleep, just did. felt refreshed and knew it was going to be the rare good day.

Since I was up, went next door to visit with Gary for a while.He goes to bed real early and gets up at the butt crack of dawn.We chatted,joked, watched TV and read the paper. It was a nice way to start the day and as Speedy says kept the"Good Vibes" alive.

Then I came home and made phone calls to set appointments for my friend Frank and set four of them for Monday. Which is a great day, because he averages a sale every three meetings. Of course me being on disability I am not allowed to make money or I would lose my medicaid benefits.So I help him just because I'm a great friend(wink).So the good vibrations were rolling right along.
My brother Scott and a couple of guys from his auto shop go to the same place for lunch on most days.I called him to confirm and it was the case today as well. It was an extra bonus that I had a free meal coupon. So lunch cost me only the tip which I left $2, Not bad right. Lunch was yummy too, ate a Roast Beef Club Sandwich. Like a regular club but sub the turkey with Boars Head Roast Beef. MMMMMmmmmm

Made a stop at the bank and luckily some how or another I was able to deposit enough money to cover my bills for the rest of the month.Honestly not sure how I'm making it on my small check each month. I am an atheist ,so not into the higher power and stuff like that. But it is amazing pouring 14 ounces of liquid into a 12 ounce glass. Keep your fingers crossed that it keeps happening til I sell my place and join you full timers out there.

After the bank I stopped at CVS and they actually had my medicine in stock.Of course this is the fourth CVS that I stopped at to check. Was getting nervous, did not want to be without pain meds. Still in some pain with them, without it is unbearable.Rolling,rolling,rolling them vibes keep on rolling.


Even though it was hot i took a little trip to visit one of my best friends at his work.Phil works at John Prince Park, which is a Florida State Park. They have a great campground and some real beauty.The good vibes carried over to my friend because five minutes after I arrived he was going on a fifteen minute break.He maintains the baseball fields at the park. They have some big tournaments from major colleges in baseball and softball.It is an important job, that you have to know what you are doing.Especially with the combination of rain and the burning hot sun.To water or not that is the question.

As you can see some pretty sights and even though it was hot in the sun.There was a nice cool breeze that breathed in from over the lake.You do not want to swim in this lake as South Florida is one of the only places to have crocodiles and gators. In the winter you can see them sunbathing on the shore. I do not have the knowledge of birds like Howard and Linda but just in the hour or so I was there I noticed at least 20 different types.I could not name you one to be honest but I thank H&L for making me notice the majesty and beauty of these flying creatures.If anyone can tell me what type of bird I have in the picture above I would appreciate it.Til Tomorrow....

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