Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Monday

Well shoot I guess I'm just going to keep this trend of writing about the day that I am writing. Well boy not a heck of alot to write about for Monday but my crazy mind will think of something to rob my readers of a few precious moments.

OK, I will mention a story that my brother Scott enjoys to tell about a situation that happened to me at a Halloween party in 2003.Now any starched republicans might get a little taken aback, but I will share the story anyway.I will not use any bad words but one word is not so nice so I will just give the first letter. Then you adults out there can fill in the blanks as you see fit. The story is called THE GREAT C*** BLOCK OF 03. Hope you can figure it out when the story is over.
OK so about 30-40 adults and a few kids were dancing and having a good old time at this Halloween party. I was dressed in a ghastly purple pimp costume fully equipped with the purple hat too. Unfortunately there are pictures but not from a digital camera I will find out how to get them to you if you are interested. Well on with the story. I have never claimed to be nor been confused with Brad Pitt. But on this night of drunken splendor a beautiful blond bombshell was on me like white on rice. Hey, I did not believe it either, but I have witnesses and hard copy pictures to prove it. Gentleman it was one of those being single nights that I could do no wrong. My stories were interesting ,my jokes were funny(I did mention there was drinking going on). So this young woman kinda cornered me in the backyard not that I was trying to run away. We kissed under the what I assume to be full moon. Then my niece and her friend caught us kissing ,so she asked me to go home with her. Now who am I to turn down the request of a beautiful lady(well at least a woman). So I am literally getting High fives from guys I do not even know walking out the door just to emphasize how lovely this girl was that night in her bad witch costume with black pantyhose. So just as we are about to leave her sister swung in like Tarzan swinging on a vine to help woman away from the barbaric natives. She said I am taking you home and away went the beautiful blond in sisters hands. I was stunned, bewildered,horrified, shocked, embarrassed, place adjective here_____ I felt it. Once again I had guys and married ladies that I did not know consoling me. I think most of the married guys were more upset then I was that night. But, being a trooper I picked up another beer and met some really fun people. Also the Marlins won the world Series that night so that kinda made up for it, kind of(yea right). I left the party believe it or not in high spirits but that night a part of me was without a doubt blue.

I know this is not your typical G rated story that you find on these travel journals but I warned you that I was different. I hope that after you get done blushing or saying your prayers or do whatever it is that you do, you realise that this story is real and meant for a chuckle or a laugh. Hope you found some entertainment on my behalf. Tonight I will watch my shows House and 24 then go on the chat room. Tomorrow is another day and another story.

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  1. Good job, the stories tell us a little more about you.