Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hot Sunday

Well my air conditioner never got fixed today.So it is hot in my house which is never usually the case.Usually you can hang meat in my living room, but now I am using fans to get me through.That complaint out of the way today was a better day then yesterday for sure.It rained early and then was dry the rest of the day.So my pain level was not near as high as it has been.YAAAA!!I watched a couple baseball games with Gary then Phil stopped over for a while.I got on the chatline for a while. Then watched the end of the basketball game.

If my plans work out this is my schedule: Sometime in August drive from south Florida to Columbia SC then from Sept 12-Oct 6 I will go to Atlanta then to Chattanooga,TN, then to Nashville, on to Memphis to little rock AR to Dallas TX to Austin TX to San Antonio TX yo Kerrville,TX for the RV-Dreams Rally October 6 - 13.I am staying a week. From here I have no idea til I secure a workamping position.See ya tomorrow...

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