Monday, May 18, 2009

Let us start a new week

Hello, I woke up and talked to my friend Frank. He is the one that I make appointments for his met life business.We had to move an appointment from today to Thursday.That means he has two scheduled for Thursday already.He only wants me to book four a day on Mondays and Thursdays so my work is almost done.By the time we got off the phone,It was to late to make calls.

So, I figured I would venture out into the world a little bit.I went to Publix,which is our best food market down here in south Florida.I got all my stuff and checked out.As I was walking towards my truck,I noticed a young couple standing real close to it. I asked if I could help them and they were saying how much they love this style of truck.He even had a camera and started snapping some pictures.We chatted for a little bit and I loaded up the truck to drive home.Got home unloaded and put away all the groceries.At that point I remembered to bring in my garbage cans from the front and the drove up to the mailbox to get my mail.It has been a good week since I had checked so it was packed full.Of course 50% junk mail and 50% bills.After I got home I striped down and ran to the shower.It was in the 90s and very humid out.I sweat alot anyway but being on all my meds in the sun makes me pour.Of course the only hour or so that I was gone UPS had a delivery that needed my signature.Oh well they will try again tomorrow.

I am writing this at around 3pm eastern time and when I am done I will take a little nap to be refreshed for the final two hours of my favorite show 24.It starts at 8 and is on til 10 pm.Then I will join Dee and the rest of my friends in the chat room.Well off to bed I go. See you tomorrow....

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