Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!!! It is a great day to be an American.Remembering those heroes that have sacrificed for all of us.Before being in the Army,my understanding and respect for this great day was under par.As I trained and served in the service, the pride and understanding of those that blazed a trail for me and every other troop grew.From those that worked in the kitchen all the way to those on the front line .The love and admiration to those that paid the ultimate sacrifice.Due to many of the medical issues that are affecting me today, I was not a great soldier.But, I volunteered and served my time the best I could for what I have to deal with day to day.Many people that would have been better soldiers did not decide to serve time in the service.

The day began for me at 9 am. Still hot from having no air conditioning it was surprising that the bed was not more covered in sweat then it was in the morning.It was not a comfortable temperature but after many showers my body must have gotten more accustom to being hot.My friend Mark stopped over to check the air conditioning around 1pm. He came to the conclusion that it needed a new blower motor. Then he told me that he would grab me one on Tuesday from work and put it in that night.I can just pay him whatever the part costs.Well even though it is needed like a hole in the head to spend money , I cannot live in south Florida without AC for more then a couple of days.I really appreciate Mark taking time away from his family on a holiday weekend.I offered money, lunch or at least something but he rejected them all.He knows that my budget is tight and really made me feel great about how people can make a difference in other peoples lives.Thank You Mark!!!

Frank and Marci


When Mark left I received a couple of phone calls and chatted for a while.My friend Frank invited me to a barbecue rib dinner.They served the ribs with mashed garlic potato's and grilled carrots mixed with herbs.We all enjoyed dinner and spending time together.Frank's wife Marci is a wonderful person and we get along great.They have a little girl named Olivia that is in her terrible twos.Cute as can be but boy, what a handful!!I guess they all are at that age.Frank and I went to blockbuster to rent a movie, while Marci put the baby to sleep.We all got a plate of apple pie that I actually brought over.On that plate we all had a nice big scoop of ice cream next to the pie.OK two Scoops!!!We put a comedy in and laughed our heads off.


After Mark had left and I was done on the phone I went over to Gary's for a while.It was nice to visit and sit in the air for a couple hours.Came home from there and took a shower.Then I was off to Franks house more AC in the truck and in the house.Yuppy.It was a nice day for me even though I was in some pain.Well hopefully I can make Tomorrow interesting as well..........

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  1. You have some wonderful friends and that little girl is just tooo cute!