Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Hello again today was a pretty good day. I made my phone calls this morning and got booked up with appointments for the rest of the week.With Monday being a holiday next week, I will have to book up Wednesday and Thursday. so that part of the day started me off on the right foot.

After making my calls,I then called my brother Scott to see how his trip to New York over the weekend turned out.He said he had a blast and that he slept in this morning after not sleeping much on the trip.Then I called my Dad and made plans for tomorrow.Dad,Sheila(Step-Mom) and I are going to see the new Star Trek movie and then grab some dinner.So that should be fun, we always have a good time when we go out together.

Next I took a ride up to blockbuster to rent a couple of flix.As soon as my front door opened I ran to my DVD player to stick in the movie Valkyrie. It starred Tom Cruise and was about an undercover plot to kill Hitler.I enjoyed the movie very much and learned a bit because it was based on true events.It really is amazing that something so terrible went on less then 70 years ago.The holocaust is a sad event in human memory, to have that much hate for another race, or religion.Personally I have enough trouble keeping my own life together. Let alone have time to hate others so much that I would dedicate my life to it.Sadly genocide still happens in many third world nations today.

I have mentioned before that I am an atheist.To me the idea of a God is ridiculous!But that being said I do not dislike,mistreat or push my beliefs on anybody.I enjoy the same respect in turn. I do dislike when people are pushy and think they know the truth.Nobody knows anything that is why they are our beliefs.That's great if you are strong about how you feel but just because you feel strong that way doesn't make it so.Prey to whoever you want to just leave me out of it.

After I wrote my post for yesterday I went over Garys to shoot the shit for awhile.While I was there he mentioned his neighbor packed up and moved away.They left an almost brand new portable fire pit.It was a great find because I intended to get one from camping world for about $80 on sale.Well not that I had the money for it now but it was on my list of things to buy.I think it would be great to have if boondocking or the occasional campground that doesn't have a pit.

Well I hope to sit around my new fire pit with all my readers . See you tomorrow

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