Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Just Plain Forgot to Write Saturday

Well it was not because I was to busy or had a full day that I did not write yesterday.I simply forgot to write.Oh well, there is a first time for everything.To tell you the truth you did not miss all that much.But, all in all it was not a bad day.Not very exciting but my mood was pretty good most of the day.

I woke up around 9:30AM.Started making my calls a little after 10AM.During the course of my phone calls I was able to book 2 appointments for Monday.That brings the total to 5 for Monday with a 6th that it possible.So far I set 4 of the 5 and if the 6th one comes to fruition, then that would make 5 out of 6.Considering that Frank averages a sale in 1 out of 3 appointments, things are looking up.I try to call Monday,Tuesday,and Wednesday to book up Thursday.Then I call Thursday,Friday, and Saturday to book up Monday.It is a system for the time being that is working.Like the old saying goes, " If it ain't broke don't fix it".
I finished making my calls right around noon.The weather was nice in the morning.So I popped my head out to enjoy some of the day.I ended up going over to Phil's house and taking pictures of his adorable daughter Lilly.she was playing with a storage bin and water.If only something so small made my day.As you can see by the pictures,she has some great personality.I feel very fortunate to have been able to watch her grow from infant to an active,intelligent3 year old.I do not want kids at this point of my life but if I had a little girl I would want her to be Just Like Lilly.

After hanging out and taking some pictures of Lilly, I decided to go to Super Target.I needed a couple of things and It was nice to get out of the house for a while, too. I ended up getting litter,cat food and some groceries.It is a huge store so the walking,although painful is good for me.I originally went to see if they had a 30 amp female to 50 amp male adapter.Of course they had nothing even remotely similar.I might try walmart next.If worse comes to worse, I will get one from good old camping world.
When I got home from target, it was shower time.My friend Frank dropped off some sheets with more numbers for me to call.Then I went over to Gary's house for a while to hang out and shoot the shit.While there I got a craving for a beer.I never hardly drink alcohol, especially with all the medicines that I take.So I ran up to the store to get beer and a lotto ticket.As I am writing I just looked and I got 3 of 6 numbers.So I won$5.50, darn half way there.Well at least I made a little something.
In the evening the chat room called me for a little bit.So I chatted with some great folks for a while.Then at 9:45PM boxing was on HBO.It was actually taking place down here in south Florida at the Hard Rock Casino.I have been there a couple of times and it is like a very mini Vegas.I wanted to go to the matches live, but money is tight so I got a better seat in my own house.Also, the price of the food and drinks are alot cheaper at home.Maybe next time!! I want to travel to Vegas for one of the big fights one day.Well after that I downloaded Gary's time life collection of oldies but goodies.I think I would have liked the 50's.I love the music and the style was cool.Well,I will see you later today to see how Sunday unfolds....

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