Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hello, physically I was very sore due to the rain.I have arthritis throughout my body and damp or cold weather is a killer.I think I have to head out west.Well at least as west as Kerrville,Texas in October.I sure hope everything falls into place and I am a full timer by then.It would be great to head west with a workamping position for the winter.We will see how things go in the next couple of months. I hope to meet many of you at the RV Dreams Rally.

Thanks to my Dad and Step-Mom I had a wonderful day in spite of the pain.The first thing they did was to pick me up from my house.Might not sound like that big of a deal, but it makes a huge difference in my life.The reason being is it allows me to take enough pain medicine to not be in agony the entire time out.When I am driving I can not be that doped up or I will be another statistic.

Dad's Car

They picked me up right around 2pm, Considering the movie started at 2:10, it was lucky the theater was around the corner.I did have to snap a picture or two before heading to get our tickets.We decided to go see the movie Star Trek.None of us were huge Trekkie's at all, but this was a great movie.It was exciting from the second it starts til the credits rolled.We all left with big smiles on our faces.

Dad & Sheila

After a great movie, we had an even better dinner.Snappers is the name of the restaurant we went to eat.We had gone there one time before and all loved it.It is a seafood place with a large menu.My Dad and I got the same thing we both got the last time we were there.It is called the Admirals Platter and it is fit for a king.It had garlic mash potatos,scallops,shrimp,red snapper,Maine lobster tail and Alaskan king crab legs.Simply put, amazing! I do not get to eat like this that often but this is the second time that I have had lobster this month.Not bad for a very poor person.My Dad was kind enough to buy me a fantastic dinner.I told him I would have been fine going to get a burger or something much less expensive.He said it was his pleasure and who am I to rob him from that satisfaction.I really appreciate it,my father like many, works hard for every dime.Thank you Dad even though you will probably never read this journal.I love you and hope that we always stay as close of friends as we are today.

It was a really good day between being picked up. Then going to see a fantastic movie.Next to eat an unbelievable dinner.I will finish up the day by watching the final episode of American Idol.I really hope Adam Lambert wins the title.After Idol I will jump on the chat room to chat with some wonderful people.I wish I had more days like this one.Being with people I love and doing fun stuff.Join me tomorrow for a Thursday edition....

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