Friday, May 8, 2009

Fr Fr Friday

Well when I was able to work on Fridays i would always say TGIF. Til a friend of mine said POTTIS of course I had to ask what it meant. He said it means "Piss On Today Tomorrow Is Saturday." But now that I'm on disability the only time that Friday matters is if I have a doctors appointment or not. Well today I had my follow up appointment with my cardiologist. He told me that the stints I had put in seem to be doing their job and everything looks pretty good. So, that was nice news for a change. Of course he sent me to get blood work to make sure things were as good as they sounded. Dr. Musaffi told me that hypertension is the cause of my problems .So I kindly asked him for one year of his salary to lessen my stress. No money but he is a great guy and laughed and said see ya in 6 months.

After that I stopped by my neighbors house. Gary is a 54 year old less then motivated buddy of mine. He drinks vodka like it is water and smokes like a chimney. All that being satd he has been a very good neighbor and friend to me.We became really friendly when eveyones electric was off after one of the hurricanes we got a couple years ago.He also took me to the doctors when I got the gout for the first time OUCHY. If you have never had the gout consider yourself lucky.I got it in my right foot and the pain was just ridiculous.

After I visited Gary for a few minutes I came home and feed my cats Thunder and Lightening. I will post pictures soon of them and everyone else that I have spoken about.Then i started to type on here drinking a little cold soda. Exciting Huh

Since I do not have much going on in my life a couple facts about me.I was in the US Army in 1990-1992. I went in for the GI Bill to be honest with you.I served during Desert Storm. My unit was next in line to go if the war would have lasted. I was a 13 Echo, which is a Eire Direction Specialist. I used a bucks computer to triangulate the location of howitzer shells. I actually had medical problems in the service and only spent two years, but it was enough for me. So no GI Bill for getting out early. I was stationed the entire time at Fort Sill, OK. It seems like a lifetime ago, but 17 years is a longtime.

Well I guess if you are still awake and reading then you have reached the end of today's writing. I will try yo get some pictures and more activity in my life going on. Till tomorrow have a great one!


  1. Thunder...from now on when you set down to write your journal do just as you did this time. Write it as though you were documenting your life. Your doing a great job and you will be suprised how interesting your life will be to those that follow your journal. Keep it personal and bring your friends into it....and plenty of pictures. I will be reading every post my friend.

  2. Thunder -
    Nice shiny new blog you have here. We look forward to following your adventures.