Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just Stayed Home

Today I woke up still not feeling great.So,I decided not to go out to my sisters and stay in my trailer.Instead I read Howard's section about the electronic system in an RV.I thought about the solar option until reading his very well done informational pages about what they paid for their system.I just can not afford to do it.I still have some questions about adding an inverter and using a generator to boost the power back. I am not in that much of a hurry, so I will wait until the time gets closer.Maybe even until the rally in October. One of my thoughts was to get a Duracell 1800 power supply and just charge it with the generator but I need to run it by people alot smarter then me.I wanted to know about the electrical possibilities because I thought if I could not get a workamper job for next winter,I would spend it in Quartzsite,AZ.Still a possibility but I would need to get much more educated before that would come to fruition.

I just watched the Lakers destroy the Rockets in their game 7 final.It was not fun to watch because at no point in the game was it even close.As I am writing, the Magic vs the Celtics game 7 is going on.The Magic are up after the first period,so we will see how it turns out.My friend Phil is suppose to come over and watch the game with me.He is running late,and will be here around half-time.I will not bore you with sports two days in a row.

I did go out and sit for about an hour with Gary.It is a beautiful night for the middle of May here in south Florida.Got to witness a really pretty sunset,while sitting outside. Of course I did not have my camera with me and did not feel like going to get it so no pictures today.Well I am going to watch the game and relax.See you tomorrow....

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  1. It's halftime now and the Celtics are losing. But, I boldly predict they will rally and win!