Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Only 3 Remain !!!

Howdy and welcome to another edition of The Dave is Right. This might be the only place that I am right but that is just because its my life. Writing a little early because I did not sleep well last night and I'm going to take a nap. This way I will be wide awake for American Idol tonight for the final 3 singing.So far today I made some phone calls for a friend of mine to help him set appointments for his business. Spent an hour or more on the phone with my insurance company.

My Doctor and I have been fighting to get a medicine i need approved since January one. Finally, I got a letter dated April 30 that says I am approved for the rest of the year.Basically telling me I have to go through the same BS next year.It is a way for them to cut down on the months they actually pay for your scripts. So they have the prescription for the generic of the medicine, but they no longer make the generic. So I had to have my doctor write out a two new scripts for the medicine.The med is Oxycontin, and I was getting 120 80mg pills a month.But yet a new rule I can only get 90 80 mg pills a month. So my Dr. was going to raise me up anyway so now I get 90 80mg and 90 40mg pills a month.I know you have all heard the horror stories about this stuff but it is the only thing that I have taken that gives me any relief from my pain. I am not worried about being addicted to them because I will be on them the rest of my life. These Insurance companies make my blood boil.So now I have to wait for my doctor's office to send them the script. Then the insurance company to send me a three months supply.So luckily I have a written script that was originally denied that I can go to C.V.S. to get. Glad that is off my chest.

After that I went to Blockbuster and got a couple new horror movies.Then I stopped in super target to do a little food shopping.They had my favorite soda on sale for a buck a bottle. That is Diet Caffeine-Free Pepsi. Its all I got left, I guess how long the name of a product tells you how your health is doing.I started drinking Pepsi,then Diet Pepsi ,now Diet Caffeine Free Pepsi. What do I need taken out next the i so it is just peps.Anyway good deal on the soda. In there deli they have a great sandwich that you can get grilled while you are there. It is a turkey and Havarti cheese delight.Give it a try. Tell them Dave sent ya and watch them look at you strangely.

It was so hot out, that after bringing in the groceries and putting them away, I striped and jumped right in to the shower. Boy, did I need it my sweat was sweating. Then had a cold drink and ate my sandwich while i read every ones journals.


I am going to include a picture of my23 year old nephew Shane. He is in the Air Force doing training in northern California currently.I am so proud of the man he has become. There was a time that he lived with me for about a half of year after failing the sixth grade.I was in college at the time and taught him how to study.I was real hard on him when it came to his school work. His last report card living with me was straight A's. He had alot going on in his life so it was not just my help. Then he got into playing football and had to keep his grades up for that.He will be stationed for four years near the Hoover Damn. Not bad an hour away from Vegas.

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