Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saturday,Sunday whats the Difference!!

Well after my small rant about writing about the day previous instead of the day I am actually writing on. I am going to write about Sunday, today. Saturday was a not much, spent all day sleeping just about, so you are not missing anything, trust me

Sunday was a different story all together. Of course today was also Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms reading this entry.I did not feel well enough to drive the 45 minutes to an hour to my sister Joy's house, where my mom is staying while dealing with her health issues. I called and we talked for a long time, she understood about driving that far not feeling to well. Then I called both of my sisters to wish them happy moms day. After making my calls I took my meds and then jumped in the shower. My step brother Scott and family live only 3 miles away. So I decided to spend time with them, plus My Dad,Sheila(step-mom) and step-sister Stacey were going to be there.

My Dad and Step-Mom Sheila

My Bro Scott, Sister -in-Law Lisa, Nephew Tony, and my niece Amanda pretty in pink

My Step-Sister Stacey

It turned out to be quite the enjoyable day. Everybody being together laughing and joking around is always nice. Amanda was very kind in getting me a cup of soda with ice. I really appreciated that act of kindness.It might not seem like a big deal but the fact she got me the drink without me asking her to was so nice. She was not feeling that well so it made me feel warm and fuzzy for her to go out of her way for me. There were also two dogs at the house. Ozzy who lives at the house and Gia my step sister's little child.A friend of the family and her 4 year old son were there as well.Unfortunately I did not take pictures of Jordan or mommy Edy. Sorry about that.



Scott went all out to insure every ones happiness. He served an absolutely unbelievable meal that included surf and turf. The surf was a delectable Maine Lobster and the turf was Fillet Mignon cooked to perfection. They served this with risotto and peas, soooooooooo goooooooood!I also had a chance to watch the end of the Houston Rockets beating up the Lakers in the fourth game of their playoff series. It was really great spending time with everyone even though I did not feel 100%. I wish my sister Joy lived closer,but what can you do?If i could have gone both places and spent time it would have been tremendous.

At the end of the evening after everyone left Scott,Lisa and I had a very serious talk about me and my lack of self confidence.They were very kind and inspiring telling me how impressed they were with the fact that I put myself through college. It all started over a conversation about Jamaica and Rasta Farians believe it or not.Weird how you can go from a fun chat to a heart to heart in a matter of moments.They tried to drive home the principle that even with my disabilities I need to tap into my potential.I told them about all the great people that I met on RV-Dreams especially talked about Howard and Linda.My talk made me feel life someone was really paying attention to my life.I am not complaining about anyone else at all but we all get busy living our lives.I love all of my family and friends. But at least in my life with everything going on with my health and other stuff,there is not always time to have deep, meaningful conversation that shows you how much admiration others have for you. With all of my mental challenges that I go through it is nice to hear. Well with that being said I will end this day with happiness for spending time with family and a full belly.Till tomorrow.....

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