Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Guess What It Rained

Hello to all of you out there.Today was a weird day.I slept on the couch so I did not miss the UPS person when they came.Did not come, so I called my mail order drug company to get the tracking order.They said nothing was shipped. I was told last Friday that there was a request to be shipped and told to call on Tuesday to make sure there was no problem.So on Tuesday I called and went through hell for them to promise that it would arrive today.Well after starting this process of getting my pain killers from January, and now this BS.I spoke to a manager Nik who looked and saw that my presciption arrived there on April 20. OK so my prescription has been there over a month and he saw that I have talked to at least 15 different people from Metco to find out why I have not gotten my meds.He gives me a new reason,that I am only authorized to get the meds at a retail store not by mail order.I freaked and got to the bottom of it.To make a long story short I have to resend the scripts they sent back to me, on Monday. It is so frustrating dealing with these companies.I really think they do it on purpose to have less calendar time to send out your meds.
Well it did feel great to sleep in my own air conditioned house last night.I even over slept a little to tell the truth.Time to make my calls,but could not get many people on the line.So no appointments booked today.Then I stopped by Walmart to get a new CB antenna.Found a good deal at only $10.

Office at Delray Auto and Marine

My Brother Scott Working

Employee and Friend Arly

Outside part of the Shop

I left Wally world and went to my brother Scott's autoshop.I wanted to see how my truck was coming along, and i needed a new door handle for my car.I am happy to report my truck needed a new tire and front brakes.I thought that it was going to be alot more stuff.Well I need to take it to a place with an alignment machine for trucks.The only other thing I have to deal with is a slow leak in the top of the wind shield.I will go to an autobody and glass place for that one.The fact that I told them to go through the truck with a fine tooth comb and thats all they found how can I complain.I feel great knowing the truvk is in tip top shape hitting the road.Now I am going to do that with the travel trailer too.I hope to get an automatic satallite dish and someother stuff to get installed.My brother is also very creative so I would like him to share some of his ideas with me.

After that I just came home had some lunch and enjoyed the AC.Talked on the phone a bit and got on the computer.Tonight I will probably go on the chat line for a while and watch the basketball game,Maybe something else will come up but if it does I will write about it tomorrow.........

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