Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thursday to Sunday in August 2009

Hello, Life is so exciting it can only be written about a couple times a week.Well really nothing to report even after my long lay off from writing.Except of course this coming Thursday is my trip to Tucson to visit my cousin Cory.She is looking forward to my trip as much as I am.Mexican food be warned a great deal of you will be in my belly by next Tuesday.I will be taking my camera with me,so I should have some great pictures of the area and my family.My sister Joy is on a week cruise in Alaska.She only had to pay her flight and the trip is on an upper scale cruise lineI'll get the name of the cruise line but it would have cost her over $5,000, if she had to pay for it.She needed to get away by herself after my Mom passed away.Last night I went to Scott's and had some awesome Italian food from a new place that opened.They made fresh pasta and it was so light and fresh tasting.Still living with just the window unit and sleeping in the living room so at least I have that going for me.Anyway sorry life is not more active, but as soon as something happens it will be shared.....

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