Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Know its about Time

Hello,It has been a while since I have written in my journal.Well as you know from Thursday the 20th till Tuesday the 25th I was in Tucson,AZ.I have been so stressed about bills and money stuff that it took away from my trip,It was still nice to see new things and hang out with family.One day I took Cory's car to drive around sightseeing RV parks.After roaming all over the city the nicest park at a reasonable price I found was only 3.2 miles away from Cory's house.The rest of the trip was really just hanging out and relaxing.

I get to pay a $550 electric bill this month from running my messed up ac last month.I have until Monday to pay it.I asked Frank if I can borrow the money for a week.I get my check on the third of the month so I will be able to pay him back then.On a brighter side in 90 days or so I will get some cash from my Mom's estate.My sister's and I have to get together to get a plan together on selling my Mom's house and property.Tonight at 8pm I will be watching the Miami Dolphins third preseason game.This is the most important of the preseason games because the starters on both teams play for about three quarters of the game.See you next time....

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