Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Saturday through Wednesday

Hello,Sorry for the delay in posting but there has not been much to post.The last few days have been very trying, living with only a window AC unit has really been hard.I have been living in my living room and rushing to other parts of the house.A new unit for my AC is around $2,000, so that will not be going in anytime soon.I figure as I write it is August 12, so another month or so the weather will give me some relief.Fred the guy who wants or wanted to buy my place is having surgery the beginning of September.This might have been the change in heart or at least a cool down for wanting to buy my place.Either way I think it is time to settle in for the winter and see what happens.August to October are the worst months to attempt to sell a moblehome in south Florida.Hurricane season and moblehomes just do not go together very well.So the plan is now to enjoy one more NFL season on my big screen TV at home.November til March is when I must sell and get traveling.Well I will try to keep up to date on my writing.See you soon....

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