Friday, August 7, 2009

Thursday and Friday in August 2009

Hello,Well surprise,surprise no money in my hand from Fred.I now once again do not know if my place is sold or not, but this time I am not going to just wait around.I talked with him and he still swears he wants it but money talks.Should have known it was to good to be true.Why can't people say something the actually do what they say.

Yesterday Fred also did not deliver on the promise of letting me use his ac window unit.Luckily my friend Frank had a brand new window unit still in the box.He bought it as an emergency unit for after a hurricane to use with a generator.It is a small unit and much better then nothing but it is still above 80 in the living room and warmer then that throughout the rest of the house.Talk about miserable.At least my cats can stay near the ac unit to keep cool and I slept right under it to finally get some sleep last night.Also last night I cashed in my free meal at Wendys.Boy did they go out of there way to make sure this meal was perfect and it was. Nothing else good or bad to report.See you tomorrow or Sunday...

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  1. Sorry to hear that he didn't come through with the $ and AC. It does mess with your faith in a person's word. Some people just procrastinate, you will probably hear from him later, I hope.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX