Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some Where in September

Hello,Once again it has been a while since I have written. Tomorrow the 16th is my appointment with the surgeon to check out this lump underneath my right arm.I have been thinking about it non stop since my last doctors appointment.Yesterday's death of Patrick Swayze hit me hard.Not just because I liked him as an actor but he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer around the same time as my Mom was.So for whatever reason it made me relive her death over again last night.I had some really horrible dreams that shook me last night.I still do not feel well and have been sleeping too much.My calls for Frank have been put on hold.I have tried and even set a few appointments but I just am not into it mentally and rather then waste leads I am putting it on the back burner until after my appointment tomorrow.

On Sunday my niece Brittani is getting married to her long time boyfriend Darren.So I had to try on my suit that I only wore once three years ago.It is snug but it will have to do for the couple hours that I will wear it.I paid over $500 for it so it is nice that I will get to use it again.It is a good thing that I lost a little weight last time at the doctors.I will make sure I take some pictures of me and my family, to post on this journal at the wedding.Talking about pictures here are a couple from Tucson finally.

My Cousin Cory

Sorry the next 2 pics came out sideways:

Cory's Husband Jerry

Jerry's son Conner

Cory and Jerry's son

Shot from campground near Cory's House

Sorry it took me so long it seems like everything that I do is a struggle these days.On this past Saturday I did go to my sister Joy's house for the day.It would have been my mother's 66th birthday, so she invited my sister Donna and my Dad up for the day.I slept so late that by the time I got there I missed Donna. But I was able to go see my nephew Brandon play his football game and have a nice time visiting with my Dad.On Sunday it was all about the first week of the NFL season.My Dolphins looked terrible but there were enough good games to still make it an enjoyable day relaxing.My Sunday football days are my favorite days of the year and I am not all that happy I have to give one up even for a wedding.But at least the Dolphins play next Monday night so I wont miss there game.Many think it selfish or strange that Sunday NFL football means so much to me but there are very few things that I can do that make me fully happy.It would have been a tough call if the Dolphins were playing on Sunday but as luck would have it I do not need to make that call.Going to a church on a NFL Sunday for any reason is a bad day to me.I am against religion and not a big fan of marriage.But my niece Brittani never asks me for anything and I am glad that I can be there for her, on her big day.Like the event or location or not, it is for her.I know I am crazy but I only get a certain number of football Sundays a year and they mean a great deal to me.Any way I will see you next time I write......


  1. Good luck with the dr's appt. Stress always makes me feel ill. You may feel that way just because you are so stressed and concerned.
    The pictures are great. Thanks for posting..
    Keep us informed.

  2. Good luck at the doctor's tomorrow, Dave. We're thinking of you!