Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Second Day of September

Hello, Well yesterday there was not a hot bed of action taking place. In fact the only thing that I did of any significant was to call the police on Phil finally.Although I can not legally prove that he stole my meds and dvd's there is hope in tracking my handicap parking pass.It seems clear that he took my pass and so if it to the lady that he was living with while kicked out of his house from his wife.If the pass is found in this lady's possession it is a misdemeanor for her and him.So I can only hope that it is found and they both get what they deserve.The policeman that came out to file out the report was very nice.The main reason for filing out the report was for me to have a case number to bring to the DMV, so that I can get a replacement pass to replace the stolen one.So much excitement in my life. I waited so long because the piece of pupu that Phil turned out to be threatened to lie to the police and say that I was selling my pills rather then that he took them.

Today I do not feel well at all it is raining real bad so the pressure must be high and boy do I feel it.I slept solid all night an woke up like I did not sleep at all.I have a call in to Patricia, who is the owner of the South Bend,Indiana KOA that I will be workamping at next May.Her and her husband were discussing different ways to use me for the season.Hopefully she will call back while I am still writing so I can update all of you on the plan for my first workamping experience.Of course I was suppose to be there working this year but those darn medical issues blocked my fun.Plus, I did not sell my place so I still had an anchor around my neck.Looking at workamper news magazine there are a plethora of choices for the summer but for some reason or another I keep getting pulled to Granger,Indiana.I have no ties what so ever to the area, but I think it's close proximity to Chicago draws me to the area.Also, seeing a football game at Notre Dame is near the top of my bucket list.Seeing the Cubs play at Wrigley field and going to a Packers game at lambeau field are high on the bucket list as well.This location in Indiana offers access to so many great places.It is a couple hours away from Indianapolis, so the 500 and the brickyard are within reach.Cincinnati Oh is only a little further down the road to go see a Bengals or reds game.Michigan is only a couple miles a way and Detroit is a few hours a way to see a Lions,Tigers, Red Wings, Pistons Game.Then Cleveland is a little further to see the rock and roll hall of fame, a Browns,Indians,Cavs game.Then Canton Oh has the NFL hall of fame, which for any NFL fan is the holy grail. I mentioned seeing a Cubs game in Chicago but there is also the Bears, White Sox,Bulls, and Blackhawks.That is just the sports in the area there is so much American history and beauty to be found as well. And I intend to find it too. Well I have not heard back from Patricia yet , but when she calls I will include the conversation in tomorrow's log.Till then my friends.....

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  1. I'm from Indiana, that area is awesome. But remember if you work you may not have the hours and days to travel that much and see that much. You'll need some time off for sure. Good luck in getting it. I hope you sell the place so you can go.