Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Getting Better

Hello,It has been a long week of not feeling great.Sleeping countless hours and taking antibiotics.I had a lympe node infection.Sunday was my niece Brittani's wedding and although the event was nice, it was a very rough day for me.Not for the reason of missing football either.I just felt very weak all day.Not helped by the fact that I had to drive an hour to the wedding hang out all day and drive home an hour without any pain medicine.I was a ball of sweat by the end of the day.When I got home after midnight and took my meds I slept all day til after 5pm.If it was not for the fact that UPS knocked on my door for a deliver, I might still be sleeping.

My Great nephew Christoper and I

The bride Brittani and I

You can see in this picture it was the end of the night and I was a sweaty mess.But I am glad that I was there even after all my complaining and pain.Brittani never asks me for anything so it was nice to be there.My Dolphins lost again in a game they dominated, such is life.I am going to try to get on the chat line tonight.Hope to see you.Til next time.....

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