Thursday, September 3, 2009

Over 2 Inches of Rain on Thursday

Hello,Rained all day today,it was hard and loud every minute it seemed like on this Thursday in September.The only time I ventured out was to go to McDonald's to get the buy one big mac get the second for a quarter.It is about the only time that I eat at Micky Dees.I was doing my budget for full timing and I came to the conclusion that I can live well on $1900 a month.I will display it later on when I am on the road.I did throw away alot of stuff in the house to get rid of, to get it closer to selling.I talked to Manny, he confirmed that October and November are great sales months for mobile homes.De was telling me that almost nothing sells in August and September.So my plan is to have the house ready for October.I watched the first regular season college football game tonight so that was a thrill for me.It is soooooo great that football season is here again.I will see you tomorrow.....

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