Monday, May 23, 2011

RV Hall of Fame

Welcome back, I know its been a while again, but I was under the weather for a little bit.But here are some pictures from the RV hall of Fame.
Last night the owners had someone removed by the police.The guy was an idiot all he was asked to do was to put his dog on a leash.Its to bad it was a really nice dog.Besides that I'm still helping with security and doing breakfast on weekend mornings.Ive been here just over a month and still going.Well I will see some of you on chat later.Take care....


  1. Sorry Dave, the comments still don't work on your next blog posted on Sunday. That must have been the day that Blogger/Google was sick!

    I wanted to say how great it will be for you to go Chicago, as you have always wanted.

    The job was a drag, and now you are free to see what you want, when you want, and I wish you "Happy Cat's Tails and Happy Trails", Penny, TX

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