Sunday, December 5, 2010

David's December

Jonathan Dickinson State Park

Next to my site

Side view of me at site #89

Front view of site #89

Welcome to another installment of "This is Your Life".Well it feels like that sometimes! So after dropping off the fiver on October 19 it was finally time to pick it up on December 3rd.You can imagine my excitement.So I pick it up,and it looks great.Hook up to the hitch in a matter of 5 minutes which is great for me.Its about a 20 - 30 minute drive from Florida Outdoor RV(the shop that fixed it) and Jonathan Dickenson State Park.Everything is going great I'm about 4 miles away from the park and stopped at a red light.I press the gas pedal and nothing happens.My transmission went Cablewie!!So now Ive got the trailer no truck.But I am parked at a beautiful park and the truck was towed to my brothers shop.Tomorrow I will find out the damage.
As I sit in my livingroom watching football in high def.Life doesn't seem to bad!But this little instance is going to make me change my 2011 plans.This will take up a good portion of my savings.I had scheduled going to Ocala to the RV Driving school but that is way up in the air right now.I might now put it off until March when I'm heading to Atlanta.But, we will see how long that I will be here in the park.I met a real nice couple a couple spots down from me that took me to the supermarket yesterday.I loaded up and should be good for a week.It just so happens that those same people are going to right near where my sister lives tomorrow and I am going to go grab my car from my sisters house so next week I can get out when I need to or want to..
The time at my sister's house went without huge incident but was kinda rough.My nephew is a smart mouthed 14 year old so its constant arguments.But that being said I am very thankful that they let me stay at there house for a little over a month.Other then that its just been life going on.I will see you next time.


  1. oh Dave so sorry to hear of the truck so glad to hear you have nice neighbours and that you are able to get to your sisters and get your car...hoping and praying its not going to be a total tranie over haul-hang in there....glad to see the RV looks great!!!

  2. Look at it this way... You're finally getting to to the fulltime RV thing. You're in the 5er, you're set up in a park and enjoying life. Sure you've got to deal with the truck, but it will all work out!