Tuesday, May 4, 2010

April Showers May Flowers

Hi again, I am going to try to write at least once a month.Of course this is April's entry and I'm late again.Last time I wrote I had not even left on my trip.My friend Hibbie and I left south Florida late on March 30.We arrived early on the 31st at his house in Gilbert, South Carolina.The first night I made a campfire and listened to relaxing music.

Originally my plan was to leave here on the 7th of April to go to the RV Dreams Rally near Myrtle Beach.Unfortunately, the pollen was at record highs and got me extremely sick.To the point that I could not walk straight.It lasted over a week, till a rain helped me out.By that time it was to late for the Rally and my plans were completely changed.

One advantage to being here is that there is a Camping World less then a half hour away.I went and got a bunch of stuff that I've been planning to buy for a long time.It felt good to buy the items that I only dreamed about getting.It is one time that spending money did not bother me.It feels good when you use your funds for the exact things that you have been wanting.Finally got my gas BBQ.I went with the Coleman Road Trip.I love it! While at Camping world either someone stole or on the way my license plate fell off.I think someone took it.So when I got back to my friends house I had to call the local sheriff to file a report.Then send that report with another form from the Florida DMV.Long story short it just arrived last Thursday in the mail.So my plans changed but I am hooked up actually living in my trailer for the first time after owning it for over 3 years.I Love IT!!!
My step brother Scott is actually helping me sell my place back home .I plan on living here in South Carolina several months of the year.Then go to Florida for the winter and a couple of other times a year.Then travel a few months a year.This gives me the best of both worlds.I get to still travel and see friends & family.
While I have been here there has not been alot of exciting things to report.But it has been great hanging out with my best friend.In the past 8 years we have not hung out more then a week a year.So we have been enjoying just simply hanging out.We did go to a couple of places in Columbia, SC that were featured on the TV show Diners,Drive-ins and Dives.In June we have front row tickets to a Monday Night Raw in Charlotte,NC.I still like pro wrestling, so that should be fun.I also ordered one of those new 3D TVs for the trailer.I planned on getting a new TV anyway so why not get a great one.That was my gift to myself.Well next week I get my satellite hooked up on the trailer at camping world.I will try not to make it a full month till my next post. Until then..........

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