Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy New Year in Mid February!!

Hello,It once again has been a long time since I have written.Since just after Christmas I have been the caretaker for my friend and neighbor Gary Grzelak.On February 16 at around 10:30PM Gary lost his fight with lung cancer.I am happy that he no longer suffers and I was able to grant his only wish, which was to die in his own home.After watching him decline so rapidly and become so pathetic I am happy for my friend.He told me over a week earlier that he wanted to and was ready to die.I will miss my friend but learned alot about the kind of friend and person that I am capable of being.So after not having a life the last 2 months and not dealing with my own health, it is going to be a struggle to recoup.

On top of physically,mentally and emotionally taking time to feel better, there is alot of work to be done.I in no way,shape or form got involved helping Gary with any plans of profiting in mind.But it turns out that he left me his home,car and a small banking account.More headaches too. Now I have to sell 2 side by side moblehomes.Neither worth much money at all.And with 2 times $600 for lot rent ,it must sell quick.Of course when my mom died she left me 25% of the worth of her moblehome in Clermont FL. Hers is beautiful in an adult park. So I own 3 moblehomes,2 cars,a truck and a travel trailer.You might be a redneck if you own 4 trailers.LOL
Wish they were all houses then I might have something.My vehicles are from 1993,95 &98 too.
Gary left me a 1998 Buick century.

I am also kicking around the notion of trading up from my Travel Trailer to a used 5er.If I do that then fulltiming is soon to follow.As of now I plan to be at the RV-Dreams Rally on April 7 in my TT or a new to me/used 5er.Most likely the TT for this trip but we will see.Even though I had set plans to workamp in Indiana May til Sept, it is looking like I will just be taking a couple months trip April & May.I am booked on March 27- April 7 at a State Park in SC but depending how things go the next couple of weeks I might just go straight to the Rally.After I am going to spend a good month or so at my best friend Hibbie's property just outside of Columbia SC. He has 5 acres of pretty wooded land that I could stay. Just run a couple of extension cords for power, fill up with water and nobody would even know Im there.I also might take a 4 hour trip to Atlanta for a week or more.I have some friends there plus Id like to go see a braves game and spend some time in the ATL.Its been a long,long time since I was there and its a perfect little get away.

My plan right now is to leave my trailer at Hibbies and drive just my truck home the end of May or early June.Then early to mid August go up for another couple months to escape the hurricane months in Florida.Leaving the trailer up there would save me a bunch of money on diesel.Plus, it gives me the option to plan trips from there rather then from all the way in south Florida.I am planning to go to the Dreamer get together in TN in October, so I will make it a fun trip maybe through Atlanta and Chattanooga.We will see what happens! I wish I knew what the hell was going to happen once in a while in my own life.

I am once again having trouble sleeping.I can lay down but just never fall in a deep sleep.I'm so overtired that I feel like the tail chasing the cat.Thanks to Facebook, another cousin of mine got back in touch with me.My cousin Rene who actually lives right in Jacksonville,FL.She is on my father's side of the family unlike my cousin Cory out in AZ from my mom's side.Rene and I have not talked in forever and really do not know each other very well.But our first phone chat was over an hour and I plan to give her a call soon.Planned on calling all this week but with everything happening with Gary, I have not had the strength. I plan on stopping for a couple of nights in a campground in Jacksonville on the way up to the Carolinas to spend time with Rene.

February 27th is my Dad's 70th birthday.We will probably go out to dinner on his birthday night since its a Saturday and then get together at my sister's house for cake and gifts on sunday the 28th. Also any day now I will become a great uncle again.My niece Brittani, who you might remember from her wedding in September , was due on the 17th, so any minute now. The doctor will not let it go past the 24th so one way or another my little great niece will be popping out to say hi real soon.My nephew Shane, the one in the air force, has to report at the hospital in Afghanistan by June 20.So that is scary but at least he plans on coming home for a week or two mid next month.His birthday is March 1st.My nephew Steve that I do not talk to any longer has his birthday Feb 24th.So a busy time for birthdays is getting even busier.

Its funny with being so overtired, and having so much stuff on my plate, time is just flying.I really need to be very effective the next 4 weeks to get as much done as possible.Everything just seems so up in the air that I'm afraid to try to make concrete plans.That being said I miss the football season terribly already.I am really going to try to begin to write daily again.Also catch up on reading so many of your wonderful journals.First I have to get over feeling brain dead.C ya next episode....


  1. Hi Dave, As I have already said to you, I am so sorry that you lost your friend, but as you say, it was his time to go.

    I cannot believe that it is $600 a month, for just the lot rent for a mobile home. Gee, here, that would be for the mobile home, too.
    If I had to choose between a mobile home on a $600 a month lot and an RV, I would go with the RV. No wonder so people are going full time!

    You really do have a lot to do, but that is good for you. And it is great that you are making some plans to travel and see your family.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. Dave, as said the other night, I am so very sorry for your friend. He is at peace now. What a wonderful friend you were, to do what you did for him. That will make you a much stronger person just simply knowing that you were there for him.
    Hope all goes well with the sales. Look forward to meeting up with you in Oct.

  3. You need to add me on Facebook...Lisa Saxton Hembree